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 Was ..... Her boyfriend!

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Natheer almwla
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مُساهمةموضوع: Was ..... Her boyfriend!   الخميس فبراير 09, 2012 4:41 pm

Was ..... Her boyfriend!

Was ..... Her boyfriend!

Was about to enter the kitchen to prepare a special dinner for two ... When I arrived

Msamaha to intermittent telephone rings, she said to herself: Certainly that is free

D change his clothes in preparation for the special dinner I decided to be attended by herself and taking

Only two chairs at the table, which bought her a new Mvrcha for the occasion!

Returned to the living room and picked up the phone and before you utter a word I heard

Approach her voice over the phone, saying: "Will you love" At first I thought that

Iexha and that those words to them .. but came to her and respond quickly when he arrived to

Shell of her ear a female voice says: "How are you Habibi and Hhetny" he replied: And you

Also the female voice said: Is it next to you said: do not bring us are below

Dinner ... How I wish you to be you that Charkina dinner today ... I do not

Taatsouri how much I'm anxious to see you!!! She said: If only my love If only!!

Shaken by hand, "Mary" and began to tremble and bear a terrible fear within them and I felt that it was

Committed a grave mistake ... Accelerated thoughts inside her head did not even feel tears

They run down from her eyes ... Vibadt headset on her face and both hands Ktemtha

In order not to hear the voice of breath, crying silently ... brought again after

Tmaket itself and I heard him say goodbye: I'll call you from my cell phone after

Dinner .. and sorry again because it was closed due to run out of battery ... and called

Romantic words of each other showed the depth of the relationship between them and after that the situation

Hatvehma the handset is placed quietly and launched an arrow to the toilet

Adjacent to the dining room I realized that she was crying all the time when I looked at the

The same mirror .. and sprayed her face with cold water mixed with drops of hot

Tears ... opened a drawer and pulled out a small makeup bag was put there

Emergency and urgent ... Covered the redness and swelling Ajafunha brown shadow

Light and something of kohl and put a little cream base on the edge of her nose, which

The biggest evidence of severe crying!!!

After a few minutes during its involvement hide the effects of crying ... I heard his feet

On the stairs, a hiss and humming the words she says: "Say .. say ... Oh Default Password

One .. you paint a minimum Baaona ... "

I took a deep breath and said coherent: "I left you a newspaper in the living room

Browse for a bit until I finish the preparation of "a need to investigate the

More time to hide the earthquake that devastated its existence in an instant and his heart of the event

Provided to the event .... tear from her eyes as they try to appear normal voice ..

The tip of her finger Haktha to erase immediately so as not to see her maid, which was

Pass the time next to them .. Having completed all the preparations began beats

Her heart accelerating again when about to face at the table ... Dim

To lose courage and break down in front of him ... But no ... She does not want that .. Vastjmat

Joined forces once again and lit candles ... Her mind was thinking in all directions

Randomly and quickly ... I do not know how to behave in front of him ... Whatever you feel is

They want to scream at him to calm down ... but the same can not even do

It ... because it simply was loving it deeply he himself does not know .... I took

Addresses itself says: What do you say to him .. You are a traitor .... Not ... Position is greater than

That word .... Succumbed to weakness in front of him and I realized the full paralysis from raising any

The problem now or later for her devotion to him that she felt her heart wrenching it now

At the wrong time, announcing its size though to hear the conversation between him and the


Tstlotfh not her mother a lot while offering them at first but after it has been

Marriage, I felt that all her dreams have been achieved only in conjunction with it .... Is not

Of those figures who admire the girl at first sight, but the warmth that

Is characterized by his voice and the way he talks is the first thing that attracts any person at his conversation for the first


Her passion is in turn rapidly after the engagement ... she did not imagine that there are bears in

All his heart that love her ... Say that he was the happiest man on earth because God

Wahba wife like her, "he loves poetry and writes her and tease Bibyate

Fine not imagine one day be written by someone in it!!

I heard his voice saying, categorically rope her thoughts and her memories are always beautiful

Taking place inside her head even as he so!! Returned to the reality that as mentioned

Of minutes I discovered that her husband, who is his love of food with her hands and Whitman

Z another woman with him for dinner!! Responded in a voice devoid of expression: prefer

O ... and almost tell my darling as usual, but realize the same

She said ... I prefer Khaled everything is ready on the table ... When I sat down to

Dining table was trying to avoid in order not to be seen Takunha courage and fall

Tfdhaa tear in front of him.

He said: God wills this actually as I said dinner ... Taking the night of the dishes that

Satisfaction with a smile in front of him above his lips while ... She glanced at him I noticed Links

That smile and I felt Bhmagtha because it was believed that it has in the past ...

Now I know the secret of that smile and the voice was accompanied by hidden!!

I came out of her chest in a deep sigh of involuntary reached the ears did not feel are

Strength made him raise his head and says: safety of god .. Are you tired ... replied

Confused ... not a bit cumbersome, but was a lot of work today because of the end

Week ... he said: "However, I insisted on standing in the kitchen and you cumbersome

To please pack all these delicious dishes! ... Delivered and handed over your hands ... But did not tell

Me what is the appropriate ... Every time Tdaanni where romantic dinner

Be a reason behind it or happy event ... What is the reason today ... I tried to swallow

Set by the bit in her mouth just to win something from time to summon up the courage

Having turned its consideration of the Sahnha unnatural for a cold smile and said: "Today

The fifth anniversary of our marriage "and was hoping to be the same within that discovery

And the pain that I felt on another day is the day when it was a thing

Beautiful and modest treasury keeps valuables in her memory ....

Took her hand and took the dishes that were trying to collect them and put them on

The table and said: Relax and let the maid do the rest ... And printed a kiss on the

Her forehead and said: Every year wishes ... I'm sorry I forgot completely, but what

Do you think should go together tomorrow to choose the best gift for the wife and thinner in the world!? Were

And refraction Iatlleha: What is the problem, God willing .... Did not attempt to provide

Hdatha who hid behind the chair ... but let him go into the living room with

His smile hidden!

Days passed a succession of calls and whispers from a distance and became the subject was

Normal for her, especially after I knew her name and her phone number ... It has become

Give her more privacy when talking on the phone with her ... This came to be

The day that she met in a social occasion to meet the wives of

And employees of the same company that employs her husband in the annual celebration ... Submitted

All of which taste and salute them and threw herself knew: Mary the wife of Khalid "...

Osarerha delighted smile and satisfaction when she saw confusion when she saw the other ...

Mary was a woman attractive and graceful in her words and strength and this is what pleased when

Felt that the other woman were not the best ones in anything ... But that wound

I felt that day can not Ttanasah but I felt that sense of

Retaliation, which was filled with faded and a bit of happiness began to undergo, especially after

I felt that with her consent for the same nation that throughout that period.

The problem is that other woman I was offended because the wife was the most beautiful of them

Much ... and I felt how little size when a ticket is flirting with her beauty and was

What hurts is that how he managed to say so talk to this woman in his home

Attractiveness and beauty!
Women continued to hover around the other Mary, throughout the evening scrutiny from afar .. Seemed

Loved by others and speaking and educated, tastefully and show that the above

Her blood and mild joke ... When Mary had embezzled a look at women other than

Far noticed Jovernma and Chrodha and a bit of loss in her eyes ... I sent her

Wry smile stems from her heart when you look at it other than it concerned with

And announces the start of a new cycle grind what's inside of nice things ... I enjoyed

Mary, that night a lot, especially after seeing the other woman and spent some time

With her friends who did not jeopardize the concern for some time because her husband all the time

And her two children and its relation to work lose communication with the social life outside

Home ... She came home that evening and is happy vows themselves more

Attention that the parties will not lose one in her life right ... none of her children and her husband

Enjoy all things are possible provided that the mother and wife ... is that you need to

Give itself a thing of the rights of a human being ...

Entered into the living room and saw her husband's grim look at the TV stray sight

And thinking ... When he dropped his eyes to raise tribute seen P

J all her finery like to see for the first time ... If he wanted to tell her what each

This beauty? ... But as usual, was afraid to be deceived by his feelings Vokhvy said ...

You look great today ... She said: I thank my friends also told me the same thing

Tonight ... "I've been delayed on your habit is," she said, "because you're not used to

Sit at home and I'm outside, "and he was already late and many spend time

Outside the home is waiting for him every day and every time ... Was waiting for him is to work

The other being done after taking his children to sleep every night ... Waiting

So it was surprising to feel it for the first time that the long awaited ... Said to him,

I decided to travel this summer with my family to Paris, I mean, after two days after permission

I need some time with myself ... "I do not mind," Warren on the phone Verwah

Immediately, "her voice came to him and says" no need to keep our relationship after today, we have

I met your wife this beautiful evening, "he looked aghast at his wife after the Boil

S phone which was in turn looks at him smiling to ask: What would you like to come to you from Paris!
Said: You said: I do not know when I'll be back ... How did you forget or days to be

She referred to her boyfriend, who was the phone in his hand!
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Was ..... Her boyfriend!
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